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Message from Amanda:

I know how you feel.  Really.  There was a time in my life when being a mom of three daughters, a wife, and a business owner was OVERWHELMING.

I would sit there and never get anything done because I didn't know where to start.  I had goals but no idea how to accomplish them.

NOW I get up in the morning
and have more accomplished before breakfast
than I used to do all day!

I took back my life by learning systems to leverage my time and to-do list.

I’m now an efficiency expert and I want to share with you the principles that changed everything for me. I’m excited to guide you to take back your life too!

Hear what Level Up Alumni have to say

- Carrie M. -

I have had such great experiences talking with Amanda. I have felt inspired and uplifted after our calls have ended. Amanda has always been willing to help me find the answers to "my" questions. She has never pushed her beliefs onto me and I thank her so much.  Working with Amanda has made me a better person because of the tools she has shared that have helped me move past my walls.

I am personally mentoring with Amanda. It has been an incredible experience. I feel like she truly cares about my success. She is intuitive. She has held me to a higher standard and encouraged the personal growth that I am seeking. If you feel stuck or are seeking higher levels in your life, I know that Amanda can assist you.

- Becky E. -


This is an Exclusive Online Course with 7 live trainings.

Our next class starts February 7th!

» Class held on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM MST

» Only 12 members per class to get lots of individual attention

» A virtual classroom so you can participate from anywhere!

» Members-only Facebook group to connect between class

Seven Full Training Sessions

WEEK 1 - Managing and Scheduling Time

WEEK 2 - Definitions and Gaining Clarity

WEEK 3 - Busy vs. Productive

WEEK 4 - 'All About You' Time

WEEK 5 - Powerful Morning Module

WEEK 6 - Time is Money

WEEK 7 - Following-Up and Building Connections

Bonus! Level Up Planner

Valued at $19.95

Guided Gospel Meditation : Armor of God

Valued at $15.95

Maximize your time today!

Hear what Level Up Alumni have to say

- Leanna C. -

Do you struggle with time? I do and Amanda is So AWESOME to help you organize yourself so that you are in control of your day! She has helped me tremendously to manage my time and forgive myself for the chaos in my life. I have found that when you are organized with time you have increased Peace and Joy in your daily life. Totally recommend this one. LOVE this woman!!!

I trust Amanda with all my heart! She lovingly and patiently pushed me to go outside my comfort zone to make changes, but took the time to let me do so at my own pace. It was just what I needed to unlock the doors in my mind to allow myself to let go of some things and move forward in my life. I am definitely a better person because of Amanda and her mentoring.

- April B. -

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